About the author

Crop circles are a kind of hobby to me, something I am involved with during my free time. As to my profession I work as a psychotherapist with children and adolescents. I have three grown up children of my own.


It is since 1999 that I became interested in the crop circle phenomenon. I saw the last minutes of a report in a TV program, and a photo of a crop circle. This particular crop circle was the one at Cherhill in Wiltshire, Southern England. The picture was taken in summer 1999.

Since then I have read many books on the subject, seen many films and visited many crop circles every summer in Southern England. In addition I have spoken to many people on the subject.

So following this I started writing the book. In the book I wanted to show, as others have previously demonstrated, that something is happening out there.


However I can only really give an overview and short summaries about areas of the topic – otherwise it would have comprised several volumes. Enjoy exploring the topic, I do, it is fascinating,


Elisabeth Zollinger